, CORTROL Global provides a unified Video Management System (VMS) for enterprise networks of any size. By uniting the actionable intelligence in a central security command center, CORTROL Global delivers situational awareness, proactively optimizing incident management for large-scale security installations.

CORTROL Global is one of the market's most comprehensive enterprise-level VMS solutions, featuring interactive maps linked to alarms, an exceptional event and action manager, analytics tools, video wall support, and proactive components. In addition, the edge recording ensures your data safety by synchronizing with IP storage devices, archive replication, advanced system health monitoring, and failover, which reduces the disruption of your video surveillance recordings to zero. All this, plus various customization possibilities and Ganz's excellent technical support.

With CORTROL Global, you can optimize the command center's video wall. Create custom configurations or force users to specific video walls. For example, create “Area Focused” video walls to review footage quickly.

Full HD and UHD Resolution
Stream up to 4k and 8k resolution.

Advanced Event and Action Manager
Specify the desired outcome of your video surveillance system's operation. Determine how the software reacts to any event caught on camera and how it turns events into an automated process. For example, send emails, activate DI/DO, interact with any other software, or bring the operator's attention to a camera that requires immediate action. This functionality can be used for a single event or a set of sequenced circumstances to eliminate false alarms and improve the efficiency of your surveillance system.

Multiple Integrations
CORTROL is engineered to unify Video Surveillance, Access Control, Video Analytics, IoT Sensors (vaping sensors, bullying, and gunshot detectors ), license plate recognition , deep cloud learning , intercom communications, biometrics, and other IP Systems to provide real-time situational awareness. Go to the integration section>>

CORTROL Video Analytics (CVA)
Advanced computational neural network engine provides AI analytics to any camera in your system. For example, create Zones/Lines to alert on perimeter intrusion, loitering, and AI Classification of persons, vehicles, and animals. Become efficient with the information you see. Take advantage of the full potential of your video surveillance system with video content analysis. Improve the functionality of your surveillance while analyzing large amounts of data to determine a specific pattern in a particular task. 

Smarter Business Security
CORTROL connects video, locks, card readers, or door contacts via Cloud, delivering versatility to smart business security –  all at a very economical cost.  CORTROL Global is engineered for medium and large enterprise business space.

Maps provide a complete examination of the entire of cameras, delivering immediate visual verification. All the alerts are integrated with the maps and can be set up to be viewed on the overview as well — you can specify the location of the event immediately.

Web Access
Get permanent access to live streaming and archive video through your web browser.

Information Channels
Streaming branding, informational or urgent announcements

Alarm Acknowledgement
Make sure that no event skips the attention of the operator. An operator must confirm all alarms, automatically generating a bookmark towards the event in the archive. By requiring the operator to actions in a journal, there is a tracking of performed actions towards each event.

Integrations and API
CORTROL offers customizable integration with other software systems in the form of a software development kit (SDK), CORTROL RESTful API.

Mobile Applications
You can use your mobile device to access live and archived streams. Use PTZ presets, control 2-way audio, or the mobile phone camera to stream video and audio directly to the server.

Live Streaming
The streaming server can make a live cast of videos on a website or YouTube.

Edge Recording
You can synchronize all your data with IP device storage. With this feature, if the network connection with any camera is lost, the camera still records your data. It is fully transferred to your server as soon as the network connection is re-established.


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Ganz CORTROL is also available in the following editions:

Learn More About Ganz CORTROL VMS Editions and Features.

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Reiated settıngs

Addıtıonal admmıstnMıve tooB

Bıtlocker settıngs

Device Manager

System ınto

Have a question?

Get help

Make Window$ betten

G™e us feedback

  1. CORTROL Prerequisites

There are a few requirements for the system the GANZ CORTROL Client will run on.

The ports for remote connections should be enabled through the firewalls (default ports are 60554 for the GANZ CORTROL Client)

The Bit version of Windows, 32-Bit vs. 64-Bit on the PC/Server should be confirmed.

For Windows 7: To confirm your Windows bit version, go to Control Panel > System and confirm System type as 32-Bit or 64-Bit.

For Windows 10: To confirm your Windows bit version, go to “ > System and confirm System type as 32-Bit or 64-Bit.

© Home AbOUt

Si Windows10

O Dısplay ni,me bdenmeade2

Rename thıs PC

□ Notmcatıons & actıons

,K _ „ , _ Orgamzatıon CBCAMER1CA

O Power & sleep

Managc o» dBconncct from worfc or school

O Battery Edrtıon Windows 10 Pro

= storage Versıors 1703

OS Boild 15063.483

Cg Tablet mode ProductlO 00342-50721-92491-AAOEM

O Multıtaskıno Processor Intel(R) CorefTM) İ7 6600U CPU ® 260GHz 2S1


& Projecting to thrs PC ınstalled RAM 8.00 GB (736 GB usabte)

System type 64-bit operabng system, x64-based processor

X Shared expetıences Pen ând |oucf) j*, or t0UCh mput ıs avaılable «or thıs dısplay

O About Change product key or upgrade your edition of Wındows

Read the Prıvacy Statement for Wındows and Microsoft Services

Read the Microsoft Services Agreemcnt that applies to our Services

Rcad the Microsoft Softvrare Ucense Terms

  1. CORTROL Client Installer

The CORTROL Client Installer can be found at Ganz Security/Software includes both the CORTROL Management Console, and the CORTROL Client installer.

From the link please select and download either CORTROL Console 32bit or 64bit, depending on the Windows OS bit version of the host server.

For convenience, links to the 32Bit, and 64Bit versions of the CORTROL Console are provided below.

Note: For most browsers, any downloaded files can be found in the Windows Download folder.



JyCDRTRDL Client 32Bit



y'CORTROL Client 64Bit

v — J

  1. Client Installation
  • Navigate to the Microsoft Windows download folder.
  • Double click on the CORTROL Client installer, to begin the installation process.
  • Select the installation language and click Next.
  • Accept the terms of agreement and click Next.
  • Accept default installation location and click Next. (Change location destination if required.)
  • Select the needed application language and click Next.
  • Once installation is complete, click Finish.

word image 3770 3 word image 3770 4 word image 3770 5 word image 3770 6 word image 3770 7 word image 3770 8

  1. Client Configuration

To launch the CORTROL Client interface, double click on its desktop icon. H

The Client will require configuration, to connect to the CORTROL Global Demo Server.

  • Select “Disconnect”, as no server is currently configured.
  • Select “Connection” located in the top right corner.

word image 3770 9

  • Select the “Local Server” listed under “Connections, and then select “Edit”
  • Leave the default “Server title”
  • For the “IP address and port” enter: – Leave the default port at 60554.
  • Enter “demo” all lower case for the “Username”
  • Enter “2468” for the password.
  • Select “Remember Password” and then click on “Save”.
  • Select the “Local Server” listed under “Connections” and then click on “Connect”.
  • Click on the “X” to close / exit, “Connections”

word image 3770 10 word image 3770 11

CORTROL Client Download


The “Demo” user have been giving no restriction on functionality within the GANZ CORTROL Client.

Please reference the CORTROL Client Manual for navigation, and usage.

word image 3770 12

CORTROL Client Quick Guide


Main window

The main window displays content provided by the server, which depend upon the selected tab. Please see the corresponding sections of this document for detailed information about each mode.

The Ganz CORTROL Client application window title displays window name, display number, and computer station name.

Upper right corner – window controls

word image 3770 1 1

From this panel, the Ganz CORTROL Client application window can be:

  • Opened in full screen mode
  • Minimized to taskbar
  • Maximized/restored to default size
  • Closed

To enter full screen, F11 can also be used; to exit full screen mode, press Escape or F11 on the keyboard.

Upper panel – tabs

I I Live £> Playback Sequence Smart search /A Alerts pa~| Library

The upper panel contains tabs that allow you to quickly switch between main software functionality. The following tabs may be available, depending on the software version:

  • Live: real-time video
  • Playback: recorded video
  • Sequence Explorer: recorded video analysis
  • Smart Search: recording motion video analysis
  • Alerts: generated alerts
  • Library: exported video and snapshots

Upper panel – server connections

S Connection (1 servers)

The Connection button opens server connection setup window and displays the number of currently configured servers.

Upper right: main menu

File Edit View Help

This section contains the main application menu items.

  • File; Exit: close the Ganz CORTROL Client Application
  • Edit; Settings: application settings
  • View: operation modes

o Always on top

o Exclusivity Mode

o Locked application

Help; About: about Ganz CORTROL Client

Server Connections

If you wish to connect to a remote server, follow the steps below.

Select the Connection section in the upper panel to bring up the dialog box.

word image 3770 2 1

word image 3770 3 1

Select a server by clicking it in the item list and click Connect to connect with the selected server. Server resources will automatically appear in the left-hand panel.

Click Disconnect in this same dialog box to log out from the selected server.

Video Channels

Each video displayed in is placed into a ‘slot', a part of the layout, called viewport.

word image 3770 4 1

word image 3770 5 1

X rf* Traffic Cam

Lower-left: Stream details

i f H.264 VGA 30FPS 2.5 Mb/s

Enabled items are highlighted yellow:

Upper-left: general viewport controls

o X: close the stream and free the viewport

o Lock: unlocked/locked (Unlocked video in can be replaced by other cameras)

o Camera name: Name given the camera

Upper-right: Current time on the server from which the device originates

o Recording status: X = not recording, yellow arrow = recording

o Motion detector status: running = motion present, standing still = no motion

o Video codec of the stream: H.264, MJPEG

o Picture resolution: XVGA, 2.8MP

o Stream frame rate: xFPS

word image 3770 6 1 o Stream bitrate: xKb/s, xMb/s

Lower-right: Controls

o Instant playback: Playback of currently select time, (Default, last five minutes)

o PTZ toggle: PTZ HUD and bottom panel ON/OFF

o DPTZ toggle: Toggle digital PTZ control

o Motion grid: ON/OFF

o Substream: Auto/main/substream

o Incoming audio: ON/OFF

o Audio OUT: Press and hold the microphone to speak

o Aspect ratio: Auto/stretch to fill viewport/original

o Notification panel toggle: Toggle display of device centric notification panel

o Bookmark: Bookmark current selection of time for later retrieval, review

o Snapshot: Export snapshot of current image to library

word image 3770 7 1

Bottom: PTZ controls

  • Presets Tours: Listing presets, with option to initiate tour
  • HUD (Heads Up Display): ON/OFF (Centre: PTZ HUD controls) o Pan and tilt arrows

o Zoom slider

o Iris slide (If camera supported)

o Focus slider (If camera supported)

Instant Playback

word image 3770 8 1

word image 3770 9 1 The following overlay controls are available in the instant playback mode:

Camera Center: Play/Pause

o Drag to the center of the line to pause drag right to go fast forward o Drag left to rewind fast

o Release from dragging to continue normal playback

Bottom right: Controls

o Place: Click to play

o Clock icon: Specify time, date/hours/minutes

o Bookmark: Bookmark current selection of time for later retrieval, review

o Snapshot: Snapshot of current image, saved automatically

o Archive: Export loaded footage displayed in timeline

Bottom: Navigation

1/9/2017 L

4:5607 PM


5:01:07 PM

o Left/Right <> arrows: Adjust loaded video time boundaries (Default, last five minutes) ■ Drag right to go forward in time drag left to go backwards in time

o Vertical yellow line: Indicates current playback moment, ■ Drag it anywhere or click to move along the timeline

word image 3770 10 1

Playback (Archive) Mode

For security reasons, it has been made impossible to erase recordings from individual channels and/or time periods. Recordings

word image 3770 11 1

Select Playback tab to switch to archive playback mode. Your current layout will be used, and recorded video streams will be displayed for channels with enabled recording.

  • Layouts: Double-click your desired layout to load it
  • Layout templates: Double-click your desired layout template to load it
  • Channels:

o Double-click or drag and drop the channels of your choice to fill the viewports

o First empty viewports are filled; then non-locked channels are replaced one by one)

o Each channel can be expanded to access recordings of its main or secondary stream.

o All footage having no associated active channels will be available under Orphan archive tracks.

The following viewport overlay controls are available in the playback mode, upon selection of a viewport:

  • Upper left:

o X: close the stream and free the viewport

o Lock: unlocked/locked (Unlocked video in this viewport can be replaced by other cameras)

o Camera name: Name given the camera

  • Lower-right: Controls

o DPTZ toggle: Toggle digital PTZ control

o Aspect ratio: Auto/stretch to fill viewport/original

o Motion grid: ON/OFF

Playback timeline

word image 3770 12 1

Right below the video stream, the Timeline is displayed:

  • Time intervals: Show the timeline scale;

o Click and drag left/right to move the timeline

  • The video footage outline is shown twice:

o Upper timeline: Contents of currently selected stream, with corresponding channel name

o Lower timeline: Content summary for all channels currently present in the viewport layout

  • White line: Indicates recorded video data
  • Cyan line: (A little bit wider than the white line) indicates recorded motion data
  • Blue line: (A little bit wider than the cyan line) indicates recorded incoming audio data
  • Yellow vertical line: Denotes current playback position

Playback Navigation controls

word image 3770 13

The playback navigation controls are located at the bottom of the window:

  • Timestamps: Timeline start and stop
  • word image 3770 14Left/Right <> arrows: Adjust the loaded footage time boundaries (Default, last five minutes) o Drag right to go forward in time drag left to go backwards in time

Motion Search:

Left/Right <> arrows move forward or back to next recorded motion

Playback Navigation:

o Use the Play/Pause button to start playback

o Use the <> arrows near the Play button to go one frame back/forward

o -/+ steps: click to go back/forward with a step of 5 seconds, 1 minute, 1 hour or 24 hours o |< >| arrows: go to the very beginning/very end of the footage

  • Playback speed:

o Drag the blob to adjust playback speed from +/-0.5x to +/-32x

o The Pause button duplicates the main pause control

  • Clock icon: Specify time, date/hours/minutes
  • Bookmark: Create bookmark for later retrieval, review
  • Snapshot: Snapshot of current image, saved automatically
  • Multi-Snapshot: Snapshot of all channels currently present in the viewport layout
  • Archive: Export loaded footage displayed in timeline

o Option of multi-channel, or single channel archive export

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