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Guard Viewer Mobile App User Guide


Guard Viewer Mobile App User Guide, Now, the power of uniview tec fits in the palm of your hand. The Guard Viewer mobile application (app) is available for iPhone and Android devices from the respective app store or can be downloaded directly from the links below. The systems allow you to make your phone a part of your security network by enabling you to remotely view a multi-page view of your security cameras or a larger single camera view, position a camera, zoom in or out, and focus the camera. With these applications you can check security from anywhere.

2 introduction


Our general solution, based on the mobile surveillance software, servers and smart terminal devices, is a new generation of IT-based solution that employs the technologies of cloud computing, mobile Internet and big data. Comprising mobile service and Web service, the solution aims to offer healthy, low-carbon, smart, comfortable and secure services to small and medium sized enterprises.

Typical Networking

Solution A

P2P server

Picture 1 85w24h

Picture 2 149w115h

Picture 3 118w116h

Mobile client 1

P2P Web


Mobile client 2


Picture box 5 98w99h


Solution B

Picture 6 383w173h

and Connection

The terminal devices mentioned in this manual refer to IP cameras or network video recorders (NVR).

For the installation of devices, please refer to the user document delivered with the devices.

The connection of and NVR is illustrated as follows:

Network cable

Connect to power

Connect to Internet



Connect to power

Picture 7 369w90h

Picture 8 186w1h


Picture box 10 281w135h


Guard Viewer Mobile App User Guide

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3 mobile service

System Information



device: iOS 6.1 or later.

Android device: Android 4.0 or later.


Display resolution: 480*800 or higher.

CPU: 1 GHz or higher.

Memory: 1 GB or higher.

Get the App


Search and download Guard Viewer in Google Play.


Search and download Guard Viewer in App Store.

Picture 11 29w25h


It is recommended to download the app via Wi-Fi.
The following part takes iOS version as an example to introduce the app.

P2P Account Management

Sign Up for a P2P Account

You need to sign up for a P2P account first before logging in to add, configure and operate a P2P device.

1.Open the app and tap P2P Account.




2.Tap Sign Up and complete the registration as instructed.

Picture 12 29w25h


Picture 13 180w122h

I have read and agree to Service Agreement

Change Password

My Devices

«4 My Sharing Records

^ My QR Codes

Picture 14 56w39h

Picture 15 168w19h

You may also register an account later by tapping

Menu >



Log In and Out

When opening the app for the first time, you can either log in with your P2P account or skip the login and experience the local functions.

P2P Login: Log in to the app with your P2P account to add, configure or operate your P2P devices as required.

P2P Login  Add P2P Device

Get Started

Skip: Skip the P2P login to add, configure or operate your local device as required.


Picture box 17 180w132h


Skip J   Add Local Device

Get Started


Tap Skip to enter the page. You can view live videos, play back recordings, manage files and more. For details, please see the following chapters.

P2P Login

You need to have a P2P account to log in. To sign up for a P2P account, see Sign Up for a P2P Account.

1.Tap  Menu >  P2P Account.
2.Enter the username and password, and tap Login.

Picture 18 29w25h


The service area is International by default. If your device is in Mainland

China, tap  in the upper right corner and choose 中国服务区.

Switch Account/Logout

1.When logged in, tap  Menu >  P2P Account.
2.Tap Switch Account and the current account will be logged out.
3.Switch to another account by entering its username and

password and tapping Login.

Picture 19 29w25h


When in the login page, the used usernames are saved in the username

drop-down list.





Change Password

1.When logged in, tap  Menu >  P2P Account > Change


2.Enter the required information and tap OK.

Reset Password (Forgot Password?)

If you forgot your password, tap  Menu >  P2P Account >

Forgot Password. Reset the password as instructed.

Device Management

Add Devices

Add Through Device List

1.When logged in, tap My Devices in the P2P Account page to enter the device list. Alternately, tap  Menu >  Devices.
2.Tap  or Add P2P Device directly to add P2P devices.
3.Select Auto Search, Manual Add or Scan, and then follow the instructions to add devices.


To add devices at any later time, tap  Menu >  Devices and

repeat the above operations.


Scan the on the device or enter the register code manually, or access the Web interface of the device and scan the QR code on the P2P page. Only devices that support the P2P function can be added by P2P.





Enter the IP address of the device.


Enter the domain name of the device.

Add in Live View/Playback Page

1.Tap  Menu >  Live View.
2.Tap  or  of the specified window to enter the camera list.
3.Tap  to select Auto Search, Manual Add or Scan, and then

follow the instructions to add devices. For details, see Add

Through Device List.

Picture 20 29w26h


The above operations are based on the live view page, and are similar to

those of the playback page.

Device List

Share Devices

To share devices:

1.Tap  Menu >  Devices.
2.Tap the device you want to share. A toolbar appears.
3.Tap Share and operate as instructed to share the device.




Picture 21 381w316h

To view sharing records or cancel sharing:

1.Tap  Menu >  P2P Account > ° ‘O My Sharing Records.
2.Check the sharing records or cancel the sharing.

Edit Devices

1.Tap  Menu > O Devices.
2.Tap the device you want to edit.


Tap Edit Device and edit device information as required. Tap

Picture 22 20w20h

to save and quit.

Delete Devices

For details, see Edit Devices.




Live View

Live View Controls

Play Live Videos

1.Tap  Menu >  Live View.

2. Tap  or

Picture 23 20w20h

of the specified window to enter the camera list.

Select one or more cameras and tap Start Live View.

Picture 24 381w268h

Picture 25 29w25h


When there are more cameras than windows in the current view,

will appear under the windows to indicate pages.

Swipe left or right to navigate through the pages.

Live View Toolbar

The toolbar is displayed under the live view windows. See the table below for descriptions of the live view toolbar.





ocS sggg

OO QQQ gggg

4 9 16 split view


Start Stop live view





Start Stop recording


Audio on off


Open Close PTZ control panel


Select image quality


Enable disable alarm output

Close Live View

To close a live video:

Long press the live video window and drag it to the  above to close

the live video

To close or resume all live videos:

1.In the live view page, tap  on the toolbar to close all live


2.When all the live videos are closed, tap 40] to resume.

To enlarge a live video and switch between views:

1.Double-tap a live video window to enlarge it to single window view.
2.Swipe to navigate through other windows.
3.Double-tap the window again to change back to the original multiple window view. Repeat to switch between the two views.



Live View Application

Add Live View to Favorites

You can add desired live videos to favorites for future quick access. Adding a live video to favorites will save its view mode, image quality, camera info and window location. To add live videos to favorites:

1.In the live view page, tap w in the toolbar. Enter a name for the entry and tap OK.
2.A success message will appear after the entry is saved.

1.Select the desired live video window. Click  to open the PTZ

panel and the button will become


2.Use PTZ panel to adjust focus and zoom, and go to preset. Tap the arrows in the window to turn the camera to different directions.
3.Tap  to exit.

See the table below for descriptions of the PTZ toolbar.

Video Quality


Select the desired live video window. Tap

Picture 26 22w19h

to open the video

quality panel.



K  | Focus control


| Zoom in out


| Call preset

2.Select your desired video quality based on the network condition.

See the table below for description of the video quality toolbar:




Picture 27 29w25h


Video quality options are valid only for devices that support the stream.

Window Replacement

In the live view page, you may drag a window to the desired position.

Digital Zoom

Digital zoom is enabled by default. The icon $ will appear in the window status bar.




The video is played by the first stream.


The video is played by the sub stream.

Smooth or custom

The video is played by the third stream. You can also edit the resolution, frame rate and the bit rate.

1.Select the desired live video window.
2.Pinch open to zoom in, pinch close to zoom out and swipe to

navigate in the desired direction. When zoomed in, double-tap to zoom out to the original image.

Picture 28 116w186h

Local Recording/Snapshot

In the live view page, select the desired window and you can record videos and take snapshots to your mobile device.





to take snapshot.


Picture 29 22w19h

to start recording and tap

to stop recording.

Landscape Mode

1.When in live view page, rotate the screen to landscape mode.
2.The toolbar will automatically hide after fivethree second without any operation.
3.Tap the screen to show the hidden toolbar. For toolbar details, see Live View Toolbar.

Picture 30 29w25h


Picture 31 381w218h

To use the landscape mode, tap

Menu >

Picture 32 19w16h

Settings and make sure

that Portrait Orientation Lock is disabled.


Playback Controls

Search Recordings

To search by time:




1. Tap  Menu > Œ Playback.


Picture 33 23w16h

, and select the desired camera for playback.

3. Specify the start time of the playback and tap OK.

Picture 34 376w213h

To search by timeline

1.When in playback, tap ® in the toolbar. Select your desired

time scale from the dropdown list.

2.Slide the timeline to quickly locate preferred playback time.

Recording Toolbar

See the table below for descriptions of playback toolbar.







Time interval scale. Switch the scale between 5 30 60 minutes on the timeline.

® ®

Reduce the speed to play recordings


Increase the speed to play recordings

© ®

Play Pause




Start Stop recording




Audio on off

Recording Application

Local Recording/Snapshot

For details, see Local Recording/Snapshot.

Picture 35 29w25h


Saved local recordings are available in Files.  For details, see File


Landscape Mode

1.When in playback, rotate the screen to landscape mode.
2.For details about the operations available in the landscape

toolbar, see Recording Toolbar.

Picture 36 29w26h


To use the landscape mode, tap

Menu >

& Settings and make sure

that Portrait Orientation Lock is disabled.

Alarm Management


1.Tap Menu > CD Alarms.
2.Enable or disable alarm notification from your desired devices.
3.When alarm push notification is enabled, your phone will receive push notifications when an alarm is triggered.

Picture 37 29w25h


Make sure Do Not Disturb is disenabled when alarm notification is

enabled. For details, see Other Local Settings.





View/Edit Events


Picture 38 24w18h




Picture 39 19w19h

to acknowledge, share and delete events as needed.

Picture 40 385w33h


Picture 41 86w39h

Motion detection alarm.(350)

Picture 42 86w39h

Picture 43 15w15h

Motion detection alarm cleared.(351)

Motion detection alarm cleared.(351)

Picture 44 86w40h

Picture 45 80w29h


Motion detection alarm.(350)

Picture 46 86w39h

Motion detection alarm cleared.(351)

Motion detection alarm.(350)

Motion detection alarm cleared.(351)


Picture 47 80w30h


From N'

Picture 48 58w26h

Motion detection alarm.(350)

Picture 49 81w30h

2017/08/01 14:36:36

Motion detection alarm cleared.(351)

Motion detection alarm.(350)

Picture 50 171w48h



View Alarm-Triggered Recording/Live View

1.Tap  Menu > A Events.


For the desired event, tap

to view its alarm-triggered

recording and tap

Picture 51 20w19h

to view its live video.


Picture box 53 133w61h


Other Functions and Configurations


Add to Favorites

In the live view page:

Add your desired live view to favorites, the cameras, windows and other settings will be saved. For details, see Add Live View to Favorites.

In the Favorites page:

2.Tap  Menu > ‘ Favorites.
3.Tap  in the upper right corner. Enter the name for the new

favorite entry and tap OK to confirm.

4.Select the desired favorite entry and tap ® to go to the camera list, and then select desired camera.
5.Tap O . You can view all the saved entries in Favorites.




Picture 54 381w315h

Edit Favorites

To rename the favorite entries:

1.Tap s Menu > L-i Favorites.
2.Long press the desired entry and enter a new name in the pop-up window.

To edit the favorite entries:

1.Tap  Menu > Favorites, and tap the desired entry.
2.Tap  to go to the camera list. Select desired camera and tap

Picture 55 20w19h

to add cameras.

3.Slide the camera entry to the left and tap Li! to delete the





To delete the favorite entries:

1.Tap  Menu > ‘ – ‘ Favorites.
2.Slide the favorite entry to the left and tap Im! to delete it.

File Management

1.Tap  Menu > Files.
2.Tap the top to select By Type or By Time.
3.Tap ® in the upper right corner. Select one or multiple files to

delete, export or share.

By Time/By Type


Tap  Menu > © Help to view the help information.


Picture box 57 382w307h



The app language will change according to the mobile operating

system language.

Local Settings

Tap  Menu > & Settings to modify local settings.

Password Protection

Picture 58 29w25h


The app has no password protection by default.

To set a PIN:

1.Tap  Menu > & Settings > Password Protection.
2.Set the PIN as instructed.
3.Restart the app for the PIN to take effect. Enter the PIN to unlock the app.

Picture 59 382w211h

To set a pattern:

1.Tap  Menu > $ Settings > Password Protection.
2.Set the pattern as instructed.




3.Restart the app for the pattern to take effect. Draw the pattern to

unlock the app.

Picture 60 383w211h

Device Wi-Fi Configuration

Use this tool to connect your smart device to specified wireless network for further operations.

1.Tap  Menu > $ Settings > Device Wi-Fi Configuration.
2.Enter the required information of the desired Wi-Fi.
3.Restart or configure the device to initial status (with the indicator flashing) and tap Start.
4.After the device has successfully connected to the specified Wi-Fi (the indicator stops flashing), tap Stop.




Picture 61 381w312h

Other Local Settings

Other available local settings:

Do Not Disturb (Enable/Disable)
Data Usage (View/Clear All)
Snapshot Mode
PTZ Speed (1-9)
Portrait Orientation Lock (Enable/Disable)

4 web service

Account Management

Sign Up

2.Click Sign Up in the upper right corner.




3.Enter the required information as instructed. You will be logged in after the registration is finished.

Picture 62 381w205h


2.Click Login. Enter required information to log in.


Change Password

1.When logged in, click Welcome xxx (your username) > Change Password.
2.Change the password as instructed.

Reset Password (Forgot Password?)

1.In the login page, click Forgot password?
2.Finish the verification with your registered email.
3.Enter the new password and click OK.




Forgot Password

New Password:

Picture 63 193w91h


Picture 64 194w69h

View/Change Information

View/Change User Information

1.When logged in, click Welcome xxx (your username) > Personal Information in the upper right corner. Change the email address as instructed.


Picture box 66 288w119h


Picture 67 22w21h

Persona! Information

Picture 68 354w235h

View Log

Email Verification

Reset Password

2.When logged in, click Welcome xxx (your username) > Show Log

in the upper right corner.

3.View the latest 10 entries of login information.

Login History (To view the latest 10 login information)


Login Time

Login IP


8/3/2017 7:20:00 PM


8/3/2017 7:12:53 PM


8/3/2017 7:12:45 PM

Device/Organization Management

Picture 69 29w25h


To make full use of the management features of the Web service, please

ensure the network accessibility of the managed devices.



Add Devices


On the Device List page, click

F Add Device

to enter the Add

Device page.

4.Enter the register code and the device name.

Picture 70 29w26h


You can get the register code of your device by logging in to Web

interface of the device. For details about the operation, please refer to

the user document.

Picture 71 289w152h

5.Click Add. Then the added device is displayed in My Cloud Devices.

Picture 72 29w25h


To delete a device, select the device in the device list and then click

Add Organization

You can add one or multiple devices to the same organization for easy management.



Picture 73 77w18h

to enter the Add Org page.

2.Select the desired upper organization, enter the new added organization name, and then click Confirm. Then the added organization is displayed on the Org List page.



Upper Org Name:



Org Name:  Org a



■ Add Device



, enter the register code, device name, and

select the new added organization, then click Add.

Picture 74 381w165h

Picture 75 29w26h


To change an organization name or delete an organization, select the

desired organization in the organization information list and then click or . An organization that contains devices cannot be deleted.

Get Started

Select the desired device(s) and then you can share your device, change the device name, retrieve your password or access the device.

Picture 76 382w67h

Share Device: Click Share and then enter the device information.



Fill in sharing device information.

Picture 77 237w175h

Change Name: Click Change to change the device name or its organization, then click Save.

Picture 78 336w132h

Retrieve password: Click Retrieve > Acquire for a verification code and then submit the verification code. A temporary password will be displayed on the interface.



Retrieve Password

Picture 79 229w142h

Access Device: Click Access to enter the Web interface of the device

and operate as required.

5 faqs

I cannot access my devices (NVR/IP camera) through the WAN.

Please follow the steps below to check.

1.Check whether you have registered a P2P account. If not, sign up for an account first.
2.Check whether the device is added to the P2P account:

Go to and log in to check whether the device is

listed under My Cloud Devices. If not, click

F Add Device

or use the

mobile phone client to add the device.

3.Check whether the P2P function is enabled for the device:
IP Camera

Go to the Web interface of your device and click Setup > Network > P2P. Check whether P2P is enabled and the Device Status is Online (connected to the P2P server).





Go to the Web interface of your device and click Settings > Network > P2P. Check whether P2P is enabled and the Device Status is Online (connected to the P2P server).

Picture 80 382w196h



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