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Qcam SmartClient Player User Guide

Qcam SmartClient Player User Guide, SmartClient is designed to access and control single DVR/NVR Qcam .Smart is deigned to access and control single DVR/NVR. Compared with , it has less function and much easier for user.

Qcam SmartClient Player

To the Qcam SmartClient program and for Windows please click the links below.

Qcam SmartClient Software Download

Qcam SmartClient Software User Manual

Smart Client for PC

Smart Client is deigned to access and control single DVR/NVR. Compared with CMS, it has less function and much easier for user.

1.1Login Your Device

Picture 1 541w324h


To access your device, you need to login first.

1.Scan all the devices in your local area by click Search, then double click one device from the list. Or you can manually input the device IP address/Domain name/UID.
2.Input the user name and .
3.Select main stream or sub-stream for live view. If your device is in internet, it's recommended to select Sub-stream. Sub-stream has much lower bitrate than main stream, but main stream has much better image quality.
4.Click Login, then you will connect the device to live-view.
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1.2Live View

Picture 2 595w332h


Preview: The screen layout emulates the multi-channel live view screen of the DVR/NVR, showing you images coming directly from your cameras in near real-time (some delay is caused by the network/Internet connection you're using to access the device). You can select a single camera, or multi-channel viewing by using the Viewing Mode buttons in the lower right corner.

: Opens the Playback interface, which operates in much the same way as the playback

interface on the NVR itself.

Local : Defines how Smart Client will manage and save footage and still images to your local PC.

Device Settings: Allows access to the device's settings. The configurable options are very similar to those you'll find in the device local menus.

Main Viewing Area: Where images from your camera will be shown. Select Preview to return to this view from the Playback interface or the configuration menus.

Image Controls: You can alter the brightness, contrast, saturation and hue of your images here.

They operate in the same way as those in the device's local menu.

Viewing Modes: Choose between single camera viewing, four channels at once (2 x 2) or all eight channels at once (3 x 3).

Volume Control: Alters how loud the audio output from the device will be.

CPU Loading: How hard your computer is working to decode and display images as they arrive from the device.

User Manual for Smart Client


Picture box 6 596w335h









Device list


Search condition


Search result


Playback control panel


Play window



1.3.1Remote playback and download
1.Select the playback channel and window.
2.Select recorded files type and query time.

Picture box 10 180w29h

3. Click key

to search the matched recorded files, if there are, the



files will shows in the area 3.

Picture box 16 33w31h

4.Select the time you want to start playback from area 3, and click icon –



5.To download file, please click
6.In the file list dialog, select what you want to download.
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