XMEYE PC CMS Full Guide, Please turn off antivirus protection and firewalls in Security. Please make sure the DVR system has been connected to your router via the Ethernet cable. You can check the connection status from the Startup Wizard.

Please visit https://xmeye.org/xmeye-for-pc/ to download and install the VMS following the wizard.

Add the DVR system to the Client

Option 1: Add the DVR system automatically

Please make sure the DVR system and your XMEYE PC are connected with the same router.

Step 1:

Please log in to the client with the default User Name (admin) and  (admin).Add the DVR system to the Client

Step 2:

Click OK to add the DVR system automatically.

Add the DVR system to the Client

Step 3:

Tap YES on the pop-up window of “This operation may modify the device's IP address, whether to continue?”Add the DVR system to the Client

Step 4:

The DVR you added will be listed on the interface of Device Manager after 10s searching.Add the DVR system to the Client

Invalid Password:

The cannot load the password of the DVR system automatically, you need to modify it by clicking .


The DVR system is ready to use.


Please check if the DVR system and PC are connected to the same router.


Network may be disconnected, please click2C5BE65F A2F0 4DF9 8A42 BE48533369EF to refresh.

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Option 2 : Add the DVR system manually

Step 1:

Click Manual Add at the lower left corner on the interface of Device Manager.

Add the DVR system to the Client

Step 2:

Change the Login Type from IP to CloudID and enter the required information on the interface of Add Device.Add the DVR system to the Client

Device Name:

Set a name for the DVR.


Also called Serial Number. You can get it from Startup Wizard or by accessing System > Version.


Enter the password you set for the DVR system.

Live Video

Please click Home > Live View to view the live videos from all channels.

Live Video

  • Click to select a screen (the selected one will be marked with the white border), then double click to select one channel under the list of Hiseeu, the from the channel will be displayed on the selected screen.
  • For example, select Screen 1 and CAM02, the live video from CAM02 will be displayed on Screen 1.
  • Double click on one screen to show the channel in full-screen mode, double click again to exit full-screen mode.

Video Recording

You can go to Home > OPERATION >  Settings to set the disk in which the video will be saved for VMS Client.

Please go to Home > ADVANCE > Record Plan to set the detailed record plan.


  1. You need always log in to VMS Client for saving the videos into the Disk of your PC.
  2. Select D:/ to save the videos in case of insufficient disk space and abnormal situation of your PC.
  3. The disk of PC is not designed for need and long-time recording may cause damage to your disk.
  4. If using VMS Client to record videos is inevitable, it's advised to use the dedicated server and hard disk for surveillance.

Video Playback

Click Home >  to check all the videos recorded.

Check the box before the channel(s) you prefer, select Type of the video, select the Begin and End time, then click Search to list the filtered videos.Video Playback

Double click on the selected video files to play the video or select one video file, then click 7C71F994 0C58 42B6 AB71 EA17E9A05239button to play the video.

Video Downloading(Backup)

Stay on the interface of Video Playback, click 7D628B4E 1495 41E8 89D9 9261E3710046to download the selected video, while click 7272F582 E8C9 4B7A A86D B71C1AD768DFto download the video fragment by time period in this video file. The file you downloaded will be saved to the default path on the PC.

You can go to Home > SETTINGS > Systems Config to modify the path.

Video Downloading(Backup)

The format of the file you downloaded is H264 and the file is encrypted. It only can be played by the exclusive media player and you can download it from here

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