XMEYE VMS PC Setup Guide, Please turn off antivirus protection and firewalls in Windows Security. Please make sure the DVR system has been connected to your router via the Ethernet cable. You can check the network connection status from the Startup Wizard.

XMEye for pc



Playback of H.264 video files

Device Manage

Device Manage

Non-professionals please do not use

xmeye web

XMEye web

Only IE browser is supported.

The future will be eliminated, it is recommended to use computer client software

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Client Downloading and Installation

Please visit https://xmeye.org/xmeye-for-pc/ to download and install the VMS Client following the setup wizard.

Add the DVR system to the Client

Option 1: Add the DVR system automatically

Please make sure the DVR system and your PC are connected with the same router.

Step 1:

Please log in to the client with the default User Name (admin) and  (admin).Add the DVR system to the Client

Step 2:

Click OK to add the DVR system automatically.

Add the DVR system to the Client

Step 3:

Tap YES on the pop-up window of “This operation may modify the device's IP address, whether to continue?”Add the DVR system to the Client

Step 4:

The DVR you added will be listed on the interface of  after 10s searching.Add the DVR system to the Client

Invalid Password:

The VMS Client cannot load the password of the DVR system automatically, you need to modify it by clicking .


The DVR system is ready to use.


Please check if the DVR system and PC are connected to the same router.


Network may be disconnected, please click2C5BE65F A2F0 4DF9 8A42 BE48533369EF to refresh.

Option 2 : Add the DVR system manually

Step 1:

Click Manual Add at the lower left corner on the interface of Device Manager.

Add the DVR system to the Client

Step 2:

Change the Login Type from IP to CloudID and enter the required information on the interface of Add Device.Add the DVR system to the Client

Device Name:

Set a name for the DVR.


Also called Serial Number. You can get it from Startup Wizard or by accessing System > Version.


Enter the password you set for the DVR system.

Live Video

Please click Home > Live View to view the live videos from all channels.

Live Video

  • Click to select a screen (the selected one will be marked with the white border), then double click to select one channel under the list of Hiseeu, the from the channel will be displayed on the selected screen.
  • For example, select Screen 1 and CAM02, the live video from CAM02 will be displayed on Screen 1.
  • Double click on one screen to show the channel in full-screen mode, double click again to exit full-screen mode.

Video Recording

You can go to Home > OPERATION > Record  to set the disk in which the video will be saved for VMS Client.

Please go to Home > ADVANCE > Record Plan to set the detailed record plan.


  1. You need always log in to VMS Client for saving the videos into the Disk of your PC.
  2. Select D:/ to save the videos in case of insufficient disk space and abnormal situation of your PC.
  3. The disk of PC is not designed for need and long-time recording may cause damage to your disk.
  4. If using VMS Client to record videos is inevitable, it's advised to use the dedicated server and hard disk for surveillance.

Video Playback

Click Home > Playback to check all the videos recorded.

Check the box before the channel(s) you prefer, select Type of the video, select the Begin and End time, then click Search to list the filtered videos.

Video Playback

Double click on the selected video files to play the video or select one video file, then click 7C71F994 0C58 42B6 AB71 EA17E9A05239button to play the video.

Video Downloading(Backup)

Stay on the interface of Video Playback, click 7D628B4E 1495 41E8 89D9 9261E3710046to download the selected video, while click 7272F582 E8C9 4B7A A86D B71C1AD768DFto download the video fragment by time period in this video file. The file you downloaded will be saved to the default path on the PC.

You can go to Home > SETTINGS > Systems Config to modify the path.

Video Downloading(Backup)

The format of the file you downloaded is H264 and the file is encrypted. It only can be played by the exclusive media player and you can download it from here


This tutorial applies to XMEye digital video recorders.

Safety cautions

  • Please do not place any container with liquid such as water, coffee, or beverage on the DVR.
  • Please put the DVR at a ventilated space and do not block the air vents.
  • For the system security, please use the original power supply provided.
  • Check the power voltage in case of any damage due to the wrong voltage.
  • Please obey the local security regulations and policies when installing the product.
  • If the DVR starts or woks abnormally, please unplug the power adapter and carefully clean the dust on themainboard in the DVR device, then restart the DVR.

Product overview




Power Cable Splitter

Power Cable Splitter

BNC Cable

BNC Cable

Hard Drive Installation

Hard Drive Installation

System Connections

1.Plug a power adapter into the DVR and the socket to power on the DVR.

System Connections

2. a monitor to the HD Output or VGA Output on the DVR with an HDMI cable or VGA cable (not included).

System Connections

3. Connect the Ethernet Cable with the DVR and your router.System Connections

4. Connect the AHD camera with the BNC Cable.00661839 B152 44B2 A3DD 38DA2B33222A

5. Connect the Yellow Video Connector to the BNC Video Input on the DVR, and connect the Red Power Connector to the Male Connector of the Power Cable Splitter.System Connections

6. Connect the Female Connector of the Power Cable Splitter with another power adapter. Then plug the power adapter into the socket to power on the camera.System Connections

Operate dvr system with a monitor

Startup Wizard

After connecting the DVR and cameras to power, wait for 2-3 minutes. A Startup Wizard will start to guide you via a series of pop-up windows.

Connect the USB mouse to the DVR, then click Next until you see the window of Time-Language Configuration.

1.Select the time zone, date format, time format, language, and set the time for your DVR system.Startup Wizard

2. The default password is empty, please reset it for your DVR following the tip.
The new password should be more than 6 digits and use the combination of numbers and letters to ensure your system's security.

Startup Wizard

3. Select safety questions and enter the answers for resetting the password if necessary.
You can also enter your email address for getting the verification code to reset the password.Startup Wizard

4. Check if the network connection status is normal. If not, you can configure it by clicking Network.Startup Wizard

5. Scan the QR code to get the Serial Number of your DVR system and download the App named XMEye into your mobile device.Startup Wizard

6. Before fixing the cameras, you can log in to XMEye App to check the live view to confirm the ideal position.Startup Wizard

7. Detection based on human shape is enabled by default.
The DVR system will send alerts to your mobile device when there is human shape detected by the cameras.
Please refer to the section of Motion Detect the detailed setting.

Startup Wizard

Live Video

You will see the live videos from the AHD cameras in split-screen mode (9 screens by default) after exiting the wizard.Live Video

※ Move the mouse cursor to the live video of any channel, some icons may be displayed according to the setting.Live Video


  1. The icons of Live Videoand Live Videoare displayed by default, while for icon Live VideoLive VideoandLive Video , please right click andgo to Main Menu > Alarm (see on page 15) to enable them.

2. If you want to loop to display the live videos from some certain channels in full-screen mode, please go to Main Menu > System > Tour to enable this function.

3. For viewing the live video from one channel in full-screen mode, please move the mouse cursor to the desired channel, then double click. To exit full-screen mode, double click again.

Hard Drive Formatting

When you receive the system, the system has a pre installed hard disk, which does not need to be formatted,but if you have to replace another hard disk, it needs to be formatted at first ,then it can be used normally Install the Hard Drive first, then right click and go to Main Menu >Advanced > Storage to check if the type is Read/Write or the status is Normal.

If not, please click Format Storage to start formatting your Hard Disk Drive.

Video Recording

Right click on the screen, then go to Main Menu > Record > Record Conf. to set the record mode and record plan.
This DVR is set to record videos 24 hours a day by default.

Video Recording


Select the channel to set the record mode and plan. You can select a single channel or all channels.


Installing 2 pieces of Hard Disk Drive is required when enabling this function, and HM245 doesn't support it.


Set the maximum video length of each recording from 1 minute to 120 minutes. It's 60 minutes by default.


The camera will start recording a video around 5s before it detects the motion or human shape.

You can reset the time from 1s to 30s, but the accuracy of the pre-recording time may be affected by the bitrate.


Set the recording mode and the options are ScheduleManual and Stop.

  • Schedule: The camera will record videos according to your record plan.
  • Manual: The camera will record standard videos 24 hours a day.
  • Stop: The camera will stop recording videos.


Record Plan:

Set the recording schedules.

  • Week and Period 1/2/3/4: Set the time period(s) of each day to record different types of videos.
  • Regular: The system will continuously record standard videos during the time period(s) you set.
  • Detect: The camera will start recording a video when it detects motion or human shape during the time period(s) you set. If you enable the alarms of Video BlindVideo Loss, and Face Detection, the camera will record the video as well.
  • Alarm: An extra alarm device is required for this type of video, and HM245 doesn't support it.


The oldest video will be overwritten by the latest one by default when the Hard Disk Drive runs out

of space.

Video Playback

Right click on the screen, then go to Main Menu > Record > Playback to play the video recorded.

You will see the different playback modes in the pop-up window of Play Mode.

Explanation of playback modes

1.Common Playback

Select the channel(up to 4 channels at the same time), a period and a date on Blue background to

play all types of videos recorded.Explanation of playback modesExplanation of playback modes

1. Area for Video Playing
2. Playback Buttons
3. Timeline
4. Channel
5. Filters
6. Filtered Videos List
7. R: Standard Videos
8. M: Videos recorded when the camera detects motion or human shape.
9. Detailed Info. of the Selected Video
10. Search
11. Show/Hide Filtered Videos List
12.Timeline by Hour/Minute

Option 1 :

Left click on the Green/Red (Green for standard videos recorded, and Red for the videos recorded whenthe camera detected motion or human shape) part of the timeline of each channel to play the historical videos.

Option 2 :

Left click on the live video of one channel, show the filtered video list, then double click on the selected video to play it.

Description of Playback Buttons

Left click on the live video of any channel, then start using the buttons to control the video playback.Explanation of playback modes


① You can click the iconD01585F7 1852 423B A75A 4120C5D03C37 to cut a video, then click 57151BD8 F00C 49D7 9420 7E79ED3D2E92to back up to the external storage.

② Previous Frame and Next Frame work only when pausing the video.

③ The speed of Fast Reverse and Fast Forward will be displayed on the right end of Playback Buttons.

2. Sync Playback

This function aims to put the videos from different channels at the same time to compare.

Select 2 channels at least ( up to 4 channels), a period and a date on Blue background to play the historical videos simultaneously at the selected time on the same timeline.Sync Playback

3. Dayparting

This function aims to put the videos from the same channel but at different time to compare.

Select a channel, number of split screens, and a period to play the videos recorded from this channel on different timelines.Dayparting

4. Smart Express

Select one channel or all channels, then select the speed of Fast Playback, the system will play all the videos recorded with the speed you selected.5D9E0422 8D37 40F3 AA1A DC3E7BEE9AF2

5. Smart Search

Select one channel and a time period, then check the box before Detect and select a date on Blue background to play the videos recorded when the camera detected the motion or human shape.Smart Search

※Double click the thumbnail to play the related videos.

6. Face Search

Select one channel, a time period and a date on Blue background to play the videos recorded when the camera detected faces.Face Search

Video Backup

Step 1:

Insert the USB disk into the USB port of the DVR system. Right click on the screen, then go to Main Menu >Record > Backup to start.

Step 2:

Select your USB disk, then click Backup to bring up a pop-up window.Video Backup

Step 3:

Select ChannelStart Time and End Time, then click Add to display all the filtered videos.Video Backup

Step 4:

Check the box to select the video files and Backup format, then click Start to back up the videos.Video Backup


① The format of the USB Drive should be FAT 32.

② An alternative solution to back up the videos is listed below.

  • Go to the interface of video playback and clickVideo Backup to show the filtered video list.
  • Check the box to select the videos.
  • Click35321519 7B7A 4ECA AB9A B154410731EC to start backing up. The next steps are the same as the first solution mentioned above.

Video Backup

Snapshot Setup

The system will capture the snapshots 24 hours a day when the camera detects motion or human shape.

Go to Main Menu > systemSnapShot Conf. to reset the time interval of capturing a snapshot, and set up the schedules when the camera will capture a snapshot as well.Snapshot Setup



The alarms of Motion Detect and Human Detect are enabled by default. If you need to record videos whenthe camera detects the face or gets blocked as well, please enable Face Detection and Video Blind.

Please go to Main Menu Alarm to set the alarm you need.

Motion Detect

The camera will start to record videos when it detects motion.

Motion Detect


Select the channel you'd like to enable motion detection.


Check the box to enable motion detection.


If you select higher sensitivity, the camera will be more easily to be triggered to start recording videos. It's advised to select Middle to balance the accuracy and effectiveness of the alarm, thus reducing the false alarms.


Click Set, then press and hold the left mouse to drag and select the area for detecting. The pink area indicates the selected area.


Set up to 4 time periods for each day to send the alerts when the camera detects motion.

MD Interval:

Set the time interval of two alerts. It aims to decrease the frequency of the alerts caused by the same moving object.

Record Channel:

The selected channel(s) will start recording when the current channel detects motion.


The display will loop to display the live video from the selected channel(s) in full-screen mode when the current channel detects motion. You can go to Main Menu > System > Tour to set the time interval to show the live video in full-screen mode.


The selected channel(s) will capture a picture when the current channel detects motion.

PTZ Activation:

The cameras don't support this function.


The camera will remain to record the video around 10s after the motion or human shape detection ends. You can reset the time from 10s to 300s.

Show Message:

After enabling this function, the display will pop up a window to show the Alarm Status for all kinds of alarms when the cameras detect motion, human shape, or more.Show Message

Send Email:

Before enabling this function, please go to Main Menu > System NetService, then double click on EMAIL option to set up your email address to receive the alerts.

Write Log:

The logs of the alerts will be written into the system once you enable this function. You can go to Main Menu > Info > Log to check the detailed log information.

FTP upload:

The system will send the videos recorded or snapshots captured to the FTP server you set when the camera detects motion. Please go to Main Menu > System > NetService, then double click on FTP option to set up your FTP server.

Mobile reported:

The system will send alerts to your mobile device when the camera detects motion. Please install the App and add the DVR to the App following the section of OPERATE DVR SYSTEM ON MOBILE DEVICE on page 18.

Up-to-Coaxial Control

Right click on the main menu and select XVI control to start setting up your camera.

Up to Coaxial Control

※If the live video from the camera is mirrored or flipped, you can check the box before Mirroring or Overturn to fix it.

※If you set something wrong, please click Restore to get back to default settings.

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