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Wansview PC setup guide

Wansview PC setup guide, Wansview is devoted to becoming the world's leading provider of security and smart home products and service Established in 2009, Wansview has been devoted to product design, development technology innovation, professional manufacturing process etc.

Wansview camera Search Tools

Search for Wansview cameras on the same LAN

Wansview camera Search Tools

How to use Wansview PC Client

Add Camera

in Lan

1) Tap icon1to add camera

2) Search the camera in Lan, DID number will be searched if use DID(P2P) to search, while Search IP will get IP Address

3) Double-click the searched camera, and the camera information will be filled automatically.

4) Input the camera's password (default is 123456).

5) Hit “Add”.

6) “Save Success” will appear, click “OK” to close the dialog.

Add camera in Lan
Wansview PC setup guide 45

1.2 Manually add camera (suitable for outside network)

Manually add camera (suitable for outside network)
Wansview PC setup guide 46

1) Tap icon1to add camera

2) Manually input the camera information. Tips: DID number can be checked from stickers on the back of the camera. You can check the DID from Wansview app If you have already added the camera on the mobile phone “wansview” app.

3) Hit “Add”.

4) “Save Success” will appear, click “OK” to close the dialog.

Play/Stop Video

When the camera is connected, double-click the camera or right-click and choose “Play” to play the video.

Play Video
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Stop Video

Clickicon4 to stop the video or right-click the camera and choose “Stop”

Stop Video
Wansview PC setup guide 48

Video Interface

Video Interface
Wansview PC setup guide 49

Camera Settings

Edit Device

Right-click the camera info and select”Edit Device”, here can change the Device Name and Group; and edit the username and password if input wrong or changed; delete the device or Save the parameters you have edited.

Edit Device
Wansview PC setup guide 50


Advanced Settings
Wansview PC setup guide 51

On the Advanced Settings, user can check camera firmware version, set up time, create other account for operater or Visitor, set up WiFi and SD card recording etc.

Device Info

Device Info
Wansview PC setup guide 52

User can check the camera status and Mac address, and check the camera's firmware version.

Time Setting
Wansview PC setup guide 53

User can select a specific time zone, or sync the time to PC or to a NTP Server


User Setting
Wansview PC setup guide 54

User can create other accounts for family member or friends in User Setting.

Add an account with user name and password, and give a right to this account.

Tips: : All settings can be edited Operator: Can operate all the icons (such as listen, talk, flip/mirror) on the live video page. Visitor: Can only watch live video.

User Setting
Wansview PC setup guide 55

User can also edit the account information, such as change the user name and password and change the role for each account, then Save. And Delete some accounts if you need

WiFi Setting

WiFi Setting
Wansview PC setup guide 56

User can set up WiFi for the camera is connected Ethernet cable, or change to other available WiFi. Search the available WiFi, and choose the one you want to connect, then input the WiFi password (click the icon icon5behind to confirm if the password is correct). Save then Test.

SD/TF Setting

SD:TF Setting
Wansview PC setup guide 57

Open the Plan Record, it will record continuously to SD card, each record length can be set between 2-15 minutes. The video stream can be recorded at 1080p(720p), 480p and 240p.

SD:TF Setting
Wansview PC setup guide 58

User can record video to SD card. Before recording, please kindly make sure you have inserted a SD card, and format it.

Other Setting


OSD setting
Wansview PC setup guide 59

On the OSD setting, users can set up the Overlay name and Overlay time, so user can check name and time on the video screen.

If Overlay name and Overlay time and Display temperature and humidity are checked at the same, the Device name will show Temperature and Humidity.

Note: The temperature and humidity are unavailable on this model.

2) Audio

Wansview PC setup guide 60

User can adjust the camera's microphone and speaker volume.

3) AC Frequency

AC Frequency
Wansview PC setup guide 61

User can adjust the power frequency, Power frequencies include: 50HZ(220V voltage selects 50HZ), 60HZ(110V voltage selects 60HZ), 60HZ used in Japan, Canada etc.

4) Maintenance

Wansview PC setup guide 62

User can reboot and reset (restore) the camera.

Tips: To reset the camera, the camera will restore to factory setting.

Alarm Setting

In the Alarm Setting, use can set up the Alarm alert.

Alarm Setting
Wansview PC setup guide 63


Motion Detection
Wansview PC setup guide 64

User can set up motion detection area here to narrow the motion detected area to some important places, tick each window, move your mouse to the lower right corner and drag it can adjust the size of the window, and can move it to the needed area.

User can choose the sensitivity from low, middle and high. The high sensitivity will be easy to get alarm.

I/O Detection and Temperature Detection are disabled in this model.

Audio Detection

Audio Detection
Wansview PC setup guide 65

Alarm Action

Alarm Action
Wansview PC setup guide 66

If user set up alarm, the camera will execute a variety of alarm actions at linkage: snap to email, snapshot and video to FTP, snap and video to SD card.

And if you connect external I/O alarm device, it can trigger alarm too.

Tips: The mothod of”Trigger Alone” and “Combination Trigger”, if the user starts up an audio detection and motion detection, the “Combination Trigger” will be started up. Only when any abnormality is detected simultaneously by the audio detection and motion detection will the alarm action be triggered.

1) Email setting

Email setting
Wansview PC setup guide 67

Sender: your email address

Smtp Server: such as smtp.gmail.com etc.

Smtp port: 465 or 587


User name:your email address, the same with sender

Password: your email password, if you are using Gmail, please ge nerate an app password, and using the app password. Download a document from our website on set up app password.

Receiver: any email address

After all the information are filled in, click “Save” and “Test” the email to see if the email setting is successful or not.

2) FTP Setting

FTP Setting
Wansview PC setup guide 68

FTP Server Address: This field allows the user to designate an IP address or address for the FTP server.

Server Port: This field allows the user to designate the port number for the FTP server.

User Name: Input FTP user name.

Password: Input FTP password.

Path: Specify a folder for storing video and pictures, for example: ./Q3 alarm

Note: If you want to save the alarm picture and video to FTP, you must build an FTP sever, then create an FTP account with a password (not an anonymous account) on your FTP server and FTP account must have create and delete file rights.

Alarm Time

Alarm Time
Wansview PC setup guide 69

After setting the type of alarm and alarm action, please set up the alarm time, the alarm action can only be triggered when armed. The Green color means the time is armed. User can choose “All Time” or “Clear Time”, and can also choose a specific time. 15 mintues for a interval.

The user can drag the mouse to perform continuous selection of the arming time.

Web Access

Web Access
Wansview PC setup guide 70

If the camera is added via IP Address, right click and select web access can access the camera with default browser.

Tips: The Edge is not supported, please use Internet Explorer or Firefox or Chrome.

Web Access
Wansview PC setup guide 71


User can monitor multiple cameras at the same time, 4-screen, 9-screen, M(6, 8,16, 25, 36) and full screen can be set up according to different demands.

Wansview PC setup guide 72

Local Setting

About software:

About software
Wansview PC setup guide 73

Basic setting: User can set up lock screen password in case you won't let others to see the video.

Record setting: User can set the Record path, and each recorded video can be set from 5-60 minutes.

Recorded video can be overwrite or stopped if the computer disk storage is not enough.

Record path, file name can not have. And () characters. Language setting: The language can be switched from English and Chinese,German,French.

More Languages will be added very soon.

Scheduled Recording

Before recording to your local computer, please make sure you set up the Record Path on the “Local Setting”. Then follow the below steps to set up the recording:

Scheduled Recording
Wansview PC setup guide 74

1: Click “Create” to create a Record name, it will give you a name automatically(combination of date and time), user can edit the name.

2: Select time: User can “select all” if want to record 24/7, and clear it to choose a specific time by dragging or single-click the time interval.

3: Save: Save the record name and time interval you set up.

4: Double-click the Record name to choose it as the record plan.

5: Apply: Click “Apply”, a * will appear in front of the Record plan, it means the scheduled recording is working.

The icon2 1icon will be shown on live video screen, it means the camera is recording automatically)

Scheduled Recording
Wansview PC setup guide 75


On “Playback” page, user can playback the recorded videos on the local disk and SD card.

Playback Local Record

Playback Local Record
Wansview PC setup guide 76

1) Choose Local Record and selected the camera you want to check.

2) Select the Media Type(Video or Image)

3) Select the video in an exact date you want to playback

4) Recorded video list will be shown (Video starts with “P” for Scheduled Recording, and “H” for Manually Recording)

5) Double-click the recorded video name, video will be broadcast.

User can select a certain or all the video and delete it from the list and the record path.

SD Card Record

SD Card Record
Wansview PC setup guide 77

1) Choose SD/TF record and selected the camera you want to check.

2) Select the Media Type(Plan or Alarm)

3) Select the video in an exact date you want to playback

4) Recorded video list will be shown, if it is not shown, please tap icon3 1to show the list (Video starts with “nrc” for Scheduled Recording, and “arc” for alarm Recording)

5) Double-click the recorded video name, video will be broadcasted.


Lock the screen if you don't want to operate it or prevent others to operate the camera.

The default lock password is 123456.

Wansview PC setup guide 78

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