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Tuya Camera User Guide

User , This guide contains all the contents of Smart Life or Tuya camera, multiple ways to add, of camera functions and common problems, and will be continuously updated.You don't need to spend hours searching the internet, just check out this guide to solve all your problems.

Smart Life and

The camera can be connected to either the Smart Life or Tuya smart app, both of which have the same function, so just choose the app you use regularly.

How To Connect Smart Life or Tuya Camera?

There are 2 ways to add a Smart Life and Tuya camera, we recommend using ‘OR Code' to add a camera.

Before adding the Smart Life and Tuya camera, please the camera to the power supply, if it is a battery camera you will need to turn on the power switch.

Once the camera has been powered up wait for the camera to start up (about 20 seconds) and then you can start connecting the camera.

Tuya Camera User Guide

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OR Code connect camera

We recommend using OR Code to connect Smart Life and Tuya cameras.

1. Click on the ‘+' icon, select ‘Camera & Lock' and Smart Camera (Wi-Fi)

2. Click Make sure the indicator is flashing quickly or a prompt tone is heard, then click Next

OR Code connected camera

3. Enter your wifi password, then click Next.

4. Hold the phone screen in the front of the camera, the distance between the two should be 15 to 20 cm, Try not to shake the mobile phone during the scanning. when you hear ‘Connect Router', click “I Heard a Prompt”, and wait for connecting.


If it is a mini battery camera, there is only an indicator light, no voice prompt. Please check your operating instructions for the indicator light.
OR Code connected camera

5. wait for the camera to connect to wifi ( approx. 30 seconds)

OR Code connected camera

Wi-Fi Mode connect camera

Not all Smart Life and Tuya cameras support Wi-Fi Mode connectivity, please contact your camera's seller for details.

1. Click on the top right corner to switch to Wi-Fi Mode, then click on the Next step.

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Wi-Fi Mode connected camera

2. Select AP Mode, enter your wifi password and click Next.

Wi-Fi Mode connected camera

3. Click Go to Connect, connect to the camera's hotspot wifi, then return to the Smart Life or Tuya APP.
wifi name: SmartLife-XXXX or SL-XXXX

Wi-Fi Mode connected camera

4. wait for the camera to connect to wifi ( approx. 30 seconds)

Wi-Fi Mode connected camera


Why can't the Smart Life and Tuya camera scan the QR code?

1. Ensure that the lens is not blocked. If the camera lens has a protective film, remove it before you scan the QR code.
2. Place the app QR code in front of the camera at a distance of15 cm to 20 cm.Adjust the angle and distance until you hear a prompt.
3. If it is a battery camera, please check the status of the indicator
4. Reset the camera, resetting the camera will restore the camera to factory settings.
5. Try to connect to the camera using Wi-Fi Mode

Why can't the Smart Life and Tuya camera connect to wifi?

If you have any problem with adding camera to the app, please refer to the following steps to troubleshoot:

  1. The camera has entered the net pairing state.
  2. The Wi-Fi name is short and simple, and does not contain any Asian or special characters.
  3. Check that your wifi name and password are correct
  4. Most Smart Life and Tuya cameras only support 2.4G wifi, please connect to 2.4G wifi.
  5. Connect the camera next to the router
  6. Reboot the camera, sometimes rebooting the camera will solve the problem

How can I get Smart Life and Tuya camera connected to another Wi-Fi?

If the current Wi-Fi of the camera and Wi-Fi you would like to switch can be connected at the same time, you can switch the Wi-Fi directly by selecting Wi-Fi Network in the interface of .

If the camera is disconnected to the current Wi-Fi, the App will say “Device disconnected”. You can reset the camera and reconnect it.

Why can't I connect to the Smart Life and Tuya camera?

If you can't connect to the camera, usually due to a wifi problem, you can try resetting the camera and reconnecting it. It is recommended to connect next to the router.

Why does App shows the camera has been bound to another account?

There are the following possible reasons for the camera prompting that it has been bound by another account during network configuration:

  1. The manufacturer did not unbind the camera after the factory test
  2. The camera has been bound to your other account before

Unbinding method:

  1. If you have not bound the camera to your other accounts, you can submit an unbinding application on the binding failure page, and the device manufacturer will process the camera unbinding for you according to the camera ID.
  2. If the camera has been bound to your other account before, you need to remove the camera from the original account, and then bind it to the new account.
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How to set up Smart Life or Tuya camera?

If you can't find certain settings on your Smart Life or Tuya camera, then your camera doesn't support this feature and you are advised to contact your camera seller for details.

Share Camera

You can share your Smart Life or Tuya camera with your family or friends to use the camera for multiple people.

The other party needs a Smart Life or Tuya account to use the camera, and can only share the same app.

1. Click on the icon in the top right corner to enter the settings screen, select Share Device, click on Add Sharing.

Share Camera - set up Smart Life or Tuya camera

2. You can enter the shared account number or copy the link to your friend or family member, who can then use the camera.

Share Camera - set up Smart Life or Tuya camera

Recording setting

You need to insert the memory card to see the recording settings.

Click on Recording settings, open Local Recording.
By default, the camera is in Non-Stop recording mode, you can change the Recording Mode.

  • Event Recording: The camera will only record when it detects motion or sound
  • Non-Stop: The camera will always record
  • Schedule: Recording starts at regular intervals
Recording settings - set up Smart Life or Tuya camera

View recording video

In the live video screen of the camera, click on Playback to view the video on the memory card, the coloured time indicates the .

Click on the ‘icon1‘date icon, you can select the recording date. By default the sound is turned off, click on the ‘icon 2‘ in the top right corner to turn on the video sound.

View recording video - set up Smart Life or Tuya camera

Save recording video to your phone

Click on the record icon, you can save the video to your phone.

Save recording video to your phone - set up Smart Life or Tuya camera

Detection Alarm Setting

Click on Detection Alarm Settings, turn on Motion Detection Alarm and the app will send a notification to your mobile phone when the camera detects a moving object.

If there are frequent false alarms, you can adjust the detection sensitivity and turn on Human Body Filtering to reduce false alarms.

Detection Alarm Setting - set up Smart Life or Tuya camera

Detection area

If you don't want to detect the whole frame, you can select a specific area,Drag/Resize the red frame to set an detect area.

Detection area - set up Smart Life or Tuya camera

Siren Sound

When the camera detects motion or sound, the camera will make a Siren sound.
You can turn on Trigger Siren in Detection Alarm Settings, and adjust the sound timing and volume in Siren Adjustment.

Siren Sound - set up Smart Life or Tuya camera

Motion Tracking Setting

Motion Tracking can follow objects automatically. You can turn on Motion Tracking in the Detection Alarm Settings.

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Motion Tracking Setting - set up Smart Life or Tuya camera

Basic Function Settings

In Basic Function Settings, you can switch on and off the camera's Status Indicator, Flip Screen, Time Watermark and Talk Mode.

Basic Function Settings - set up Smart Life or Tuya camera

Voice Intercom Settings

The Smart Life or Tuya camera has two voice modes, speech may be affected by the environment. We recommend that you select one-way or two-way speech according to the actual situation.

  • One-Way Communication: As with the intercom mode, you cannot hear the sound when you speak.
  • : As with the phone mode, you can hear each other when you speak.
Voice Intercom Settings - set up Smart Life or Tuya camera

Controlling camera movement

You can swipe the video screen to control the camera movement, or click the Direction control button

Controlling camera movement - set up Smart Life or Tuya camera

Quickly move the camera

In the Site screen, click on Site added succe… Save the camera's current location, so that you can move the camera to the saved location quickly by clicking on the picture.

Quickly move the camera - set up Smart Life or Tuya camera

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