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Best Computer Programs for CCTV Surveillance Systems

Best Computer Programs for Surveillance Systems, Surveillance is critical for ensuring security and monitoring in various environments. Below, I will outline some of the best computer programs for CCTV surveillance systems across , Linux, and Mac, detailing their features, capabilities, and suitability for different needs.


1. Blue Iris

 Platform: Windows
 Supports up to 64 cameras.
 Motion detection with customizable alerts.
 Remote viewing via mobile apps.
 Continuous recording, scheduled recording, or motion-triggered recording.
 Use Case: Ideal for both home and business surveillance with robust features and remote access.


2. ZoneMinder

 Platform: Linux
 Open-source and highly customizable.
 Supports IP, USB, and analog cameras.
 Motion detection and alert notifications.
 Web-based interface for easy access.
 Use Case: Suitable for users comfortable with Linux and needing extensive customization.

Best Computer Programs for CCTV Surveillance Systems

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3. SecuritySpy

 Platform: Mac
 Supports a wide range of .
 Motion detection, continuous recording, and schedule-based recording.
 Remote access via web interface and mobile apps.
 Advanced AI features for object and face detection.
 Use Case: Ideal for Mac users requiring a powerful and user-friendly surveillance solution.

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 Platform: Windows
 Open-source and supports a wide variety of cameras.
 Motion detection and audio detection.
 Remote viewing via web and mobile apps.
 Integrations with various home automation systems.
 Use Case: Great for users looking for an open-source, feature-rich option with extensive device .


5. Shinobi

 Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac
 Open-source and highly scalable.
 Real-time monitoring with motion detection.
 Web-based interface with support for multiple users.
 Modular design for easy customization and plugin support.
 Use Case: Suitable for users needing a cross-platform, scalable surveillance solution.

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6. Luxriot EVO

 Platform: Windows
 Supports a vast range of IP cameras.
 Advanced analytics including face recognition and license plate recognition.
 User-friendly interface with powerful management tools.
 Remote viewing via mobile apps.
 Use Case: Perfect for enterprise environments needing advanced analytics and extensive camera support.

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7. .io

 Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac
 Open-source with a focus on simplicity and ease of use.
 Supports Docker for easy deployment.
 Motion detection with customizable zones.
 Web interface for remote access.
 Use Case: Ideal for users seeking an easy-to-deploy, open-source solution with cross-platform support.

8. Xeoma

 Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac
 User-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality.
 Supports a variety of recording modes including motion detection and schedule-based.
 AI-based analytics for object and face recognition.
 Remote access via mobile apps and web interface.
 Use Case: Suitable for users looking for an intuitive interface with advanced AI capabilities.

9. Contacam

 Platform: Windows
 Freeware with lightweight and efficient performance.
 Motion detection and scheduled recording.
 Web server for remote viewing.
 Support for multiple cameras.
 Use Case: Best for users seeking a free, lightweight, and efficient surveillance solution.

10. MotionEyeOS

 Platform: Linux
 Turn Raspberry Pi into a powerful surveillance system.
 Motion detection with email and webhook notifications.
 Web-based interface for configuration and viewing.
 Supports network cameras and USB webcams.
 Use Case: Perfect for DIY enthusiasts using Raspberry Pi for surveillance.


 Platform: Windows
 Simple and easy-to-use interface.
 Supports a wide range of IP cameras.
 Motion detection and continuous recording options.
 Remote viewing via web and mobile apps.
 Use Case: Ideal for users looking for a straightforward, easy-to-set-up surveillance solution.

12. Axxon Next

 Platform: Windows, Linux
 High-end video management system with extensive features.
 Real-time video analytics including face recognition and behavior analysis.
 Scalable architecture suitable for large installations.
 Remote access via web and mobile apps.
 Use Case: Best for large-scale enterprise environments requiring advanced analytics.


 Platform: Windows
 Real-time event detection using video analytics.
 Integration with various automation systems.
 Supports a variety of cameras and video sources.
 Customizable alerts and actions based on detected events.
 Use Case: Ideal for users needing video analytics and automation integrations.

14. MacEye

 Platform: Mac
 Supports a wide range of IP cameras.
 Motion detection and schedule-based recording.
 Remote viewing via web interface.
 Easy and user-friendly interface.
 Use Case: Suitable for Mac users seeking a straightforward and reliable surveillance solution.


 Platform: Windows
 Supports DVRs and NVRs with remote viewing capabilities.
 Real-time monitoring and playback.
 Motion detection with alerts.
 User-friendly interface with easy configuration.
 Use Case: Best for users with DVR/NVR systems needing robust remote viewing capabilities.


Choosing the right CCTV surveillance software depends on various factors including platform preference, required features, scalability, and budget. Whether you are looking for a robust enterprise solution, a user-friendly home system, or an open-source project, the programs listed above provide a wide range of options to meet different needs.

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