How do I use Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge

How do I use Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge to connect to my CCTV equipment on Windows 10 & 11?

There are some and NVR models that do not work well when you try to to them in modern web browsers (Internet Explorer , Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), as they use firmware designed for use on the Internet Explorer engine.

Now that IE11 is being retired from Windows completely, the only way to access these will be to use a modern browser that can open webpages as if they were IE. If you're using a or 11 PC, then the easiest option here is to use Microsoft Edge.

The following steps will show you enable IE mode in Edge and use this to load any necessary web pages:

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Step 1:​

Open Microsoft Edge, and make sure that it is up to date (version 89 or later is required to use this feature).​
To check this, click on the  and more (Alt+F) […] button, which is the three dots in the top-right hand corner of the browser, and then go to:​
Settings → About Microsoft Edge.


Step 2:​

Now, open the default browser settings by navigating to:​
Settings and more (Alt+F) […] → Settings → Default browser
Under the Internet Explorer compatibility header, set the Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode dropdown to Allow.​

Step 3:​

Click on the blue Restart button for the change to take effect.​


Step 4:​

Once Edge has restarted, browse to the URL / IP address that you need as normal.​
Then, right-click on the tab for that page, and click Reload tab in Internet Explorer mode.​


Step 5:​

On this popup, just click Done.​
NB – Turning on Open this page in Internet Explorer mode next time will save you needing to repeat step 4 the next time you browse to this page.
You will see the Internet Explorer icon on the left side of the address bar to show that you are now viewing the page in IE mode.​


Did you know that…​


You can quickly add the URLs / IP addresses of other cameras that require IE to a list that opens in IE mode automatically.​
To do so, just go back to:​
Settings and more (Alt + F) → Settings → Default Browser 
And click the Add button beside Internet Explorer mode pages.​
This will bring up a popup in which you can enter each URL – click Add again to add it to the list.​

Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) Being Retired on June 15th 2022 – How Will I Access My System?

As we have been aware for many years, Windows has been slowly running down for Internet Explorer. Last year they confirmed that IE11 would be completely retired from Windows 10 on June 15th 2022, after this date IE11 desktop application will no longer work and users will be redirected to use Edge.

Lots of users will also be aware that Hikvision products have been reliant on IE for browser access for many years, even with our and other users' repeated requests for a complete solution for Hikvision products to work in modern browsers the solution has been slow coming.

With the June 15th date fast approaching Hikvision has released the attached documents that explain 3 main methods for browser access going forward and which models support which method, the methods are listed below:

1. Non-plug-in service (For modern browser access, not all models support this method)
2. Local service (Plug-in required)
3. IE compatibility mode on Edge browser

Some of the oldest Hikvision models may not support any of the above methods, if that is the case then you will have to use Hikvision's desktop VMS software – iVMS-4200 – to access your Hikvision devices.

This is not the simple, clean solution we were hoping for from Hikvision and we are sure there will be issues discovered along the way, but it is a first step and hopefully means that all Hikvision users will have some way to access their systems going forward.

If you do run into any problems or have any questions please share them below and we will try to get the answers for you.


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