How to Add Device to Hik-ProConnect

Add Device to Hik-ProConnect, After Hikvision shuts down iVMS-4500 and HiDDNS services, installers who previously used iVMS-4500 and HiDDNS services can add devices to Hik-ProConnect to provide remote operation, maintenance and management services for end users.

Devices can be added to Hik-ProConnect through P2P and IP/Domain. This document will introduce them in detail.

  1. How to Visit Hik-ProConnect
  2. Download Hik-ProConnect App

Installers can download and install the latest version of the Hik-ProConnect APP by visiting the Hikvision APP Store appstore. hikvision. com.

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  1. Hik-ProConnect Portal

Installers can directly access the Hik-ProConnect portal on the PC side. The web page addresses of various countries are as follows:


Others :

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  1. Register and log in to the Hik-ProConnect account

Installers can register their Hik-ProConnect account through the Hik-ProConnect APP or portal according to the prompts, and then add devices.

  1. Add Device through P2P


  1. Upgrade your device to the latest version that supports .
  2. Enable the Hik-Connect function on the device side and keep it online.

The path is Configuration--Advanced Settings-Platform Access. For platform access mode, select Hik-Connect or Cloud P2P (the display of different devices may be different), and set the verification code for device addition.

Note: Some devices may not allow user-defined verification code. Users can view it in the device label. If there is no verification code in the label, the device verification code is ABCDEF. Since ABCDEF is not alowed as the verification code in the current service, please contact the technical for processing before using this kind of device

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Adding Steps

  1. Complete the above preparations and create a new Site.

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  1. Add a device by scanning the device or manually entering the device serial number.

(a) Scan QR code.

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(b) Enter the device seriel number.

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Serial No. Enter serial No.
Verification Code Enter verification code.

Hik-Connect (P2P)

How to get the device serial number and verification code? View

  1. Enter the verification code set in Preparation, and click Add.

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Serial No.

Verification Code

How to get the device serial number and verification code? View

Serial No.

Verification Code


How to get the device serial number and verification code? View

compatibility test completed.


4. Complete adding.

5. After adding the device to the site, deliver the site and device to the Hik-Connect account of the end user and apply permission from end user.

Not Invited

More >

Invite Now

Device ARC Service Exception


• Online

Email Phone Number

Enter Email Account of Hik-Connect

Enter email.

O Allow Me to Disable Hik-Connect Service (?)

Apply for Permission

Site Information Management

Configuration >




word image 437 11 Enter the remarks.

Add Device

Enable Hik-Connect DDNS

If you add a device to Hik-ProConnect, you will be prompted that it is incompatible with Hik- ProConnect; Or if the function cannot be used after adding the device, you can enable the Hik-Connect DDNS function in Hik-ProConnect.

  1. Port mapping of the device through the UPnP function of the router or the device itself.
  2. Select the device, click DDNS Settings.

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  1. Enter the external port mapped in the first step, and enter the user name and password of the device.

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  1. Click Save to complete configuration.

After DDNS is enabled, devices will be directly connected through DDNS when remote configuration, live view, playback, health monitoring, linkage rule and other functions are used in Hik-ProConnect.

  1. Add Device through IP/Domain

For devices that does not support the Hik-Connect service function, you can also add devices to Hik-ProConnect through IP/Domain.

Adding Steps

  1. Site-> AddDevice->IP/Domain.
  2. Add a device by manually entering the IP address, port number, user name and password of the device.

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Q Only supports adding devices mapped in X
WAN by IP address or domain name.
Device Name Enter device name.
IP Address Enter address.
Port Enter port number.
User Name Enter user name.
Password Enter your password.

After adding, the installer can apply to the end user for remote configuration, preview and playback permissions as needed.


  1. If the mobile phone and the device are in the same LAN, you can use the LAN IP and port to add. If both the mobile phone and the device are in the public network, you need to map the device to the public network and add the device using the public IP and port in Hik-ProConnect.
  2. The devices added with IP are different from those added with Hik-Connect domain in function. Some functions that must rely on cloud services, such as device sharing, /call reception, etc., are only supported in the Hik-Connect domain add mode.

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