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Lorex Cloud App Full Guide 2024

Lorex Cloud App Full Guide 2024, A professional app for professional security camera systems. Lorex Cloud keeps you connected no matter where life takes you. Whether you're looking to straight to the cloud, or add cloud backup to your local storage so you can access your Lorex remotely, we can do both!

Videoloft removes the need for a local recorder – simplifying the , saving space on-site and removing the risk of your recorder being damaged or tampered with.

Alternatively, you may still want to keep your Lorex NVR/DVR and back-up your recorder to the cloud. It takes minutes to set up – all you need to do is connect the Videoloft Cloud Adapter to the same as your recorder.


1. Lorex Cloud‎ Setup (For Recorders)


 See your recorder's instruction manual to set up your security system.
 Connect your recorder to your router using an Ethernet cable (included). * Upgrade your recorder to the firmware version.
  the latest version of the Lorex Cloud app from the App Store or Google Play Store.



 Up to 3 authorized users can access the remotely connected security system at the same time using the Lorex Cloud app.
 The app will ask for permission to send push notifications and to access Photos. It will only send notifications if you enable -activated push notifications in the Push Config menu. It needs access to Photos to save snapshots and video clips to the local storage on your mobile device.


The first time you power up your system, you will be asked to create a new, secure password. Follow the instructions below for remote access to your security system after you have created a new secure system password through your recorder.

1.Download and install the free Lorex Cloud app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
2.Tap the Lorex Cloud icon to open the app.
3.Tap Live view iconthen device list icon
4.Tap DVR/NVR/IP Camera.
5. lx800567 500w605h
6.Configure the following:
lx800568 625w605h
 Register Mode: Select Device ID.
 Name: Choose a name for your system of your choice.
 Device ID: Tap the icon (icon)
and line up the QR code on the top of your system using the camera on your mobile device. 
qr code location

OR Under Device ID, manually enter the Device ID printed on the label.

 Client Port: Enter the client port (default: 35000 ).
 User Name: Enter the system's user name (default: admin ).
 Password: Enter the system's password (your new, secure password created during initial recorder setup).


NOTE If you are accessing your system for the first time, you must create a new password through your recorder. See your recorder's instruction manual for more details.


 Tap Connect. The app opens in Live View and streams video from your cameras.

How to Change or Reset Your Recorder’s Password (Compatible with Lorex Cloud App)

This article offers guidance on how to change the password of your Lorex recorder for security purposes or reset it in case you have forgotten it.


Note: These instructions apply to recorders supported by the Lorex Cloud App. Refer to the Lorex Cloud App Product Compatibility Chart for a list of compatible recorders.

 If your recorder is supported by the Lorex App, refer to the article “How to Change or Reset Your Recorder's Password (Compatible with Lorex App).”
 If your recorder is supported by the Lorex Cirrus App, refer to the article “How to Change or Reset Your Recorder's Password (Compatible with Lorex Cirrus App).”
 If your recorder is supported by the Lorex Pro App, refer to the article “How to change or reset your recorder's password (compatible with Lorex Pro App).”


Changing Your Password via Your Recorder


Retrieving your device ID

1.Retrieve your recorder's Device ID. You can locate the Device ID in the following ways:
 On the side panel of your recorder, alongside the Device ID's QR Code.
 In your recorder's system, right-click then click Info.
 In the Lorex Cloud app, go to Settings > Device Info.

device info

2.Once you have the Device ID at hand, please take a picture of the Device Info screen and the sticker with the serial number and model number found on unit. Refer to How to Reset Your NVR or DVR's Password to obtain a temporary password so that you can access your recorder and reset the password.


Changing or Resetting Your Recorder's Password

Note: When resetting your password, use the temporary password sent to you. The temporary password is valid until the end of the day. If you haven't received a temporary password yet, refer to “How to Reset Your NVR or DVR's Password“.

1.From the Live View display, right-click to open the Quick Menu, then click Main Menu.
2.Click ACCOUNT, then the User tab from the side panel.
3.Click draw icon next to the account you want to change the password for.

change password 680w363h

4.Configure the following:
 Username: Set to admin.
 Modify Password: Check to modify password.
 Old Password: Enter the current/reset password.
 New Password: Enter the new password you want to use for the system.
 Confirm Password: Re-enter the new password.

Note: Passwords for the system must be a minimum of 8 characters, and must include at least 2 of the following character types: lowercase, uppercase, numeric, and special characters.

5.Click OK.

How to Reset Your Password

There are different processes to reset your password for different types of Lorex products or accounts.

Please select the type of password reset you need:



Lorex App Account








Smart Home Camera




IP Camera


How to Reset Your Lorex App Account Password

Please note that your Lorex Account and Lorex App account email and passwords are the same. Changing one will automatically change the other.

There are two ways to reset your Lorex App password:

Method 1: App


forgot password screen from lorex app

1. Click Forgot Password on the main app Login screen.


get new activation code screen from lorex app

2. Enter your email, a new account password, and click Get Activation Code.


enter new activation code screen from lorex app

3. Enter the 6-Digit Verification Code sent to your email and click ok.



Method 2: Website


recover password screen from the lorex login page 605w367h

1. Click  from the Lorex Login page


enter email address screen from lorex login screen 605w368h

2. Enter your email address associated with your Lorex Account and click Recover


screenshot from email showing verification code 603w567h

3. Check your email for your Verification Code.


recover password page on lorex website 603w567h

4. Return to the Recover Password page and input your email address, new password, and verification code that you received.


5. Click Reset and then login using your new credentials.


Further Support

Resetting Your Lorex App password

Resetting Your Lorex Account Password

How to Reset Your NVR or DVR's Password

Please follow the steps for the app associated with your Recorder


Lorex Recorders Using the Lorex App, Lorex Cirrus App or Lorex Cloud App

Request a temporary password from the website to reset your recorder's password:

Note: It is necessary to register your product for warranty to request a temporary password for your Recorder.

v2 login2

1. Login into The Warrany Section of Your Lorex Account:

 Visit the Lorex Website.
 Navigate to “My Account.”
 After logging in, select “My Account” and then “Warranty.”


v2 warranty2


2. Register Your Warranty:

 Click on “Activate Warranty.”
 Complete the required fields:

Model Number
Serial Number (S/N)
Date of Purchase
Upload Bill of Sale

 Click “Save Warranty.”


password recovery screen from lorex app


3. Reset Device Password:

 Choose “Reset Device Password.”
 Complete the required fields:

First and Last Name
Phone Number
Model Number
Device ID
Serial Number (S/N)
Date Displayed on Device
Upload Proof of Purchase
Upload Device Info Screen
Upload Information Sticker

 Click “Submit.”


new login screen after password recovery from lorex app


4. Use Your Temporary Password:

 After requesting a device password reset, you will get an email with a ticket number.
 A follow-up email will provide you with a temporary password and a link to guide you through changing your recorder's password.


Further Support

How to Change or Reset Your Recorder's Password (Compatible with Lorex App)

How to Change or Reset Your Recorder's Password (Compatible with Lorex Cirrus App)

How to Change or Reset Your Recorder's Password (Compatible with Lorex Cloud App)


Support Hours Eastern Time:
Mon to Fri: 10:00AM – 9:00PM
Sat & Sun: Closed


How to Locate Your Recorder's System Information

To complete the temporary password request form on the website, please gather the following information:

example of where to find system date on your recorder

System Date: Located in the top-right corner of the screen once the recorder is powered on.


example of where to find the device id on the back of your security camera

Device ID: Located on the QR code sticker attached to the outside of your recorder.


example of where to find device model number from your recorder screen

Device Model: Located in the INFO section from the Quick Menu of your recorder (the device ID can also be found here).



Once you have the Device ID at hand, please take a picture of the Device Info screen and the sticker with the serial number found on the unit.



How to Reset Your Smart Home Camera's Password

To ensure your privacy and prevent any unauthorized attempts to gain access to your camera, there is no way to reset your smart home camera's password. The camera will have to be reset to its factory default.


How to restart or factory reset your IoT Device:


example of where to find reset button on wi fi security cameras

 Locate the Reset Button on the device (the location of the button differs on each camera – please see model documentation).
 Press the reset button for 10 seconds – in most cases you will hear a chime sound and see a flashing green light when the process is complete.
 Set up your device as a New Device on the Lorex App.



Further Support

Wi-Fi Security Camera – How to reset your device

How to Reset Your IP Camera's Password

If you have forgotten the password to one of your IP security cameras, you will either need to reset the camera manually. Please see your camera's documentation to see if there is a reset button.

camera legend diagram showing reset button 567w404h

bottom of camera showing reset button

Reset Button:

If your IP Camera includes a reset button, you can hold the button down to revert it to its default setting. This will allow you to set up the camera again through your NVR with a new password.

LNZ81P25, PTZ Series, P25 – 4K IP Wired Camera with 25x Zoom and IK10 Vandal-Proof Rating: Lorex Cloud App

The following article provides instructions on how to control your your Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera from the Lorex Cloud app.


Control the movement of your PTZ camera and access preset controls from the app (PTZ cameras required).

Access PTZ Controls

To access PTZ controls:

1.In live view, double-tap the PTZ camera display to open the channel in full screen.

Using PTZ Controls

img 26

1.Pan/Tilt/Zoom: From the live view display, swipe in the direction that you want the camera to move in. Pinch to zoom in/out.
2.Zoom: Tap to show zoom controls.
3.Iris: Tap to show iris controls.
4.Go to preset: Tap to access preset controls. Use the sliders to select the preset number, then tap the check mark to go to the preset.
 Note: You must set presets for the camera using the NVR's local menus before you can use this feature. For full instructions, see the article Setting Presets on Your Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera.

Locking Your Lorex Cloud App

If you would like to put a lock on your Lorex Cloud app, follow these steps to secure your app.

NOTE: The following instructions are shown using an iOS (Apple) smartphone. There may be some differences in the when using an Android smartphone or tablet.

To turn on the User Code:

1 Launch the Lorex Cloud app on your smartphone or tablet.

2 Tap the settings button settings icon on the top left corner.

3 Go to the Local Config tab.

local config tab

4 Tap User Code.

user code settings

5 Turn on User Code.

user code on

6 Enter a 4-digit code.

please enter your user code

7 Re-enter the 4-digit code to confirm.

Your User Code is now activated to access the Lorex Cloud app.

To turn off the User Code:

Follow the steps above from 1-4.

1.Tap off User Code.
2.Enter your 4-digit code to confirm.

If you forget the user code to your Lorex Cloud app, you will need to delete and then re-install the app.

Lorex Cloud App: Activating deterrence features

Active deterrence features deter suspicious activities from occurring by flashing a warning light and/or sounding a siren from compatible cameras. You can manually control these features using the Lorex Cloud app.


 See your recorder's documentation for more information about enabling and automating deterrence features using a compatible recorder.
 For a full list of compatible recorders, visit lorex.com/compatibility.


 Connect the camera to a compatible recorder. See ‘Connecting the Camera' section for more information.
 Ensure the compatible recorder is set up remotely via the Lorex Cloud app. See your recorder's documentation for more information.
To activate deterrence manually through the Lorex Cloud app:

1 1 From live view, double-tap the deterrence camera to open the channel in full screen.

2 1Tap the deterrence icons on the camera display to switch on/off the following deterrence features:

 Tap the icon to switch on on / off off the camera warning light.
 Tap the icon to switch on on 1 / off off 1 the camera siren.

NOTE: The camera warning light / siren will automatically switch off after 10 seconds.

Lorex Cloud: Troubleshooting for migrated devices

Users who recently migrated from the Lorex Secure / FLIR Secure app to Lorex Cloud may experience minor performance issues, which are easily resolved. See below for solutions to common issues faced by new Lorex Cloud users:

App takes too long to connect / does not connect to cameras

If the Lorex Cloud app is not connecting to your cameras, it may be due to a pending firmware update on your recorder. If a newer firmware version is available, download and install the new firmware.

IMPORTANT: Do not power down or unplug the unit during the firmware upgrade process.

If no newer firmware version is available, please reboot your recorder and wait approximately 10 minutes before attempting to connect with Lorex Cloud again.

Cannot find video enhance feature

Users of Lorex Secure and FLIR Secure will be accustomed to switching between standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) video using the Enhance button on the live viewing screen.

flir secure

Lorex Cloud has an equivalent feature on the live viewing screen.

To change video quality in Lorex Cloud:

1.Tap to select the channel you want to change video quality for, or double-tap to open in single-channel view.
2.Swipe along the bottom panel of the live view to reveal the Video Quality button.

video quality on live view of lorex cloud

3.Tap to switch between HD and SD video quality. You can also change the resolution, frame rate, and bit rate for each option by tapping the edit (edit button in lorex cloud) icon.

flir secure 1


A professional app for professional security camera systems. Lorex Cloud keeps you connected no matter where life takes you.

download on the app store

get it on google play


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