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Camius Security Software Tools

Camius Security Software Tools, Camius, a leading provider of surveillance and security solutions, has announced the launch of its new knowledge base that is designed to provide customers with a comprehensive resource for frequently asked questions. The knowledge base will feature many articles, how-to guides, tutorials, instructional videos, IP, Analog and Wireless security cameras, surveillance NVR network video recorders) and DVR (digital video recorders) manuals to help customers better understand and utilize Camius products.

Camius offers tools, IP cameras, DVRs, and NVR software compatible with PC and Mac to expand the scope of your smart security camera system


Camius device config tool Download Camius Device Config Tool

Camius web browser 1000

A lightweight Camius device scanner and configuration editor, use it to:

  • Find and connect your Camius to your PC or Mac on your local network LAN
  • Change your Camius devices network settings
  • Upgrade Firmware on your Camius devices

Web client tutorials:

  • configure an IP camera using a web browser
  • How to configure NVR using a web client

Camius VMS Software compatible with PC and Mac

Best Camius NVR software for Windows and Mac to control up to 128 cameras

Download VMS Software for Windows and Mac

How to add a Camius device to the VMS software?
How to playback and download recordings on the Camius VMS (IP Camera, DVR, NVR software)
If you need with Camius VMS software, please follow the steps:
  • Step 1 – Register your Camius Device here
  • Step 2 – Submit your support request here

This program, designed only for Camius IP cameras, DVR, and NVR recorders, turns your PC or Mac into a surveillance station; VMS stands for Video Management System; with it, you can:

  • Group all of your Camius devices and view them, even from a remote location
  • Access Device Configuration and change settings
  • Record locally onto a disk attached to your
  • Playback video and audio, locally and remotely.

Camius Security Software Tools

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Video Player Software​

Camius Video player

  • This lightweight software is used for playing video/audio files backed up from your recorder on your PC or Mac.
  • The user can back up footage from the recorder in MP4 or Camius proprietary format.
  • Using Video Player, the user can take clear screenshots, trim the important parts of the video file and play multiple files simultaneously.

Download Video Player

Camius Smartphone App for iPhone, iPad, Android


  • To add the Camius IP camera, DVR, or NVR to the Camius View app follow this How-to Guide
  • If you can not access your Camius device in the app, we have ready troubleshooting steps

Download Camius View (iOS)​

Download Camius View (Android)​

Frequently Asked Questions

Camius FAQ and How-to guides

At Camius, we provide excellent technical support to Camius customers through useful FAQ pages, which contain how-to guides and troubleshooting recommendations. Our support team is knowledgeable, responsive, and always available to assist customers with any questions or concerns they may have. With detailed and easy-to-follow steps, Camius' FAQ pages offer valuable information to help customers get the most out of their products. Whether you're a new or experienced user, Camius' technical support is there to help you navigate any issues and ensure a smooth experience.

To submit a support ticket, please contact us at this link

How to add a Camius device to the VMS software?

After installing the VMS software, please click on the Home tab on the left and then on Home >> Device Management (Picture 1)

VMS device amanagement Picture 1

Option 1: If your device is in the same LAN (Local Area Network)

Click on the Auto Search tab and search for devices if you are in the same LAN (Local Area Network), as shown in Picture 2. Select the device, click Add, and insert the device's username and password.

VMS device management

Camius VMS pro how to add a device to the software copy

Navigate to the Home tab >> Main View, and expand ‘root' on the left sidebar.

Click and drag your device into any blank rectangle, which should display all the available channels.

Option 2: If you are accessing the device remotely

If you are accessing the VMS / VMS Pro remotely (not in the same LAN), then navigate to the Home tab >> Device Management >> All Equipment. If devices were added successfully, they would be displayed here.

To add a new device remotely, click the icon + on the right top (Picture 3), which will open the Add Device‘ dialog

VMS add a device using ID P2P Picture 3

Select the ID in the Login Type tab and enter P2P ID in the ID tab and click ‘Add‘ (picture 4)

VMS add ID P2P Picture 4

You will see the added devices once you open the ‘Device Management' tab (Picture 5). The green box under the ‘Status‘ column means your device is connected properly.


Picture 5

How to control your Camius device settings remotely

Once you have added the NVR to the VMS pro software, you can access it remotely from anywhere. Just make sure to add it using the P2P ID and not the local IP address, as shown in the following screenshots. Basically, you are accessing the NVR's remote settings from the VMS software without a browser.

Once you are in Remote Setting, you can manage the NVR and control its settings.

VMS device management

Click the gear icon under Operation to access Remote Setting

Remote settings direct from the VMS software

You can access your Camius DVR, NVR or IP camera Remote Setting directly within the VMS Software on your Windows PC or Mac

High Tech 4K DVR and NVR software compatible with PC and Mac by Camius

Looking for reliable DVR or NVR software for PC and Mac computers?  Look no further than Camius VMS software which comes with Camius IP cameras. security NVR, DVR recorders!

At Camius, we know that security is a top priority for many people, whether you're looking to protect your home or business. That's why we've developed Camius VMS software to be the perfect solution for anyone who wants to manage and monitor their Camius security cameras easily.

With Camius VMS software, you can enjoy a wide range of features that make it easy to keep an eye on your property.

Some of the critical benefits of Camius DVR, NVR software for PC and Mac include the following:

1 – Easy and Configuration:

Our software is designed to be easy to set up and configure, even for people without experience with video . Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to customize your settings, view live footage, and review recordings.

2 – Remote Monitoring:

With Camius VMS software, you can monitor your security cameras from anywhere worldwide, as long as you have an internet connection. This is a great option for people who want to monitor their property while away from home or the office.

3 – Advanced Search Capabilities & Remote Playback:

Our software includes advanced search capabilities that make it easy to find specific footage. Whether you're looking for a specific time, date, or event, Camius VMS software can help you find what you're looking for quickly and easily.

4 – Flexible Options:

Our software offers a range of recording options, including continuous recording, scheduled recording, and recording. This means you can customize your recording settings to suit your needs and maximize your storage space.

5 – Multi-Device Support:

Camius VMS software is designed to work seamlessly with various Camius security NVR, DVR recorders, and IP cameras so you can easily integrate your existing devices into our system. The software is designed to work with a Windows PC and Apple Mac computers.

5 – Multi-Device Support:

Camius VMS software is designed to work seamlessly with various Camius security NVR, DVR recorders, and IP cameras so you can easily integrate your existing devices into our system. The software is designed to work with a Windows PC and Apple Mac computers.

Tailored Security Solutions


For homeowners, Camius offers security solutions that safeguard your family and property. Rest easy knowing you have eyes on your home at all times.

Business Owners

Businesses need robust security. Camius provides state-of-the-art solutions to protect your assets, employees, and customers.

Security Professionals

Security professionals trust Camius for its reliability and advanced features. Stay ahead of the game with cutting-edge technology and register as a Camius security systems installer

So, whether you're looking to upgrade your existing security system or set up a new one from scratch, Camius VMS software is the perfect solution. Our software is reliable, user-friendly, and packed with features that make managing and monitoring your security cameras easy.

In addition to our software, we also offer a range of Camius security cameras and recorders designed to work seamlessly with our software. This means you can enjoy a complete security solution tailored to your needs and preferences.

At Camius, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality security products and services. Whether you're a homeowner, business owner, or security professional, we have the expertise and experience to help you find the right security solution for your needs.

How to playback and download recordings on the Camius VMS (IP Camera, DVR, NVR software)

To play your DVR or NVR footage remotely on the VMS software, navigate to the Home tab >> Remote Playback (Picture 1).

VMS remote playback

Picture 1

See below the description of each function in the following picture and a table:

VMS remote recording playbcak table icons

VMS remote playback icons 1 1

Then expand ‘root' on the left sidebar (Picture 2), then click the checkboxes for cameras that captured the event (Pictures 3 and 4)

VMS root Picture 2



Next, on Calendar, you can choose which stream recording event type and click on the Calendar icon and the day of the event. Only days with recorded footage will have a red flag (Pictures 5 and 6).

VMS root CALENDAR point Picture 5


Picture 6

Cameras will playback individually once you click the Play button and click on each camera's timeline on the desired hour (Picture 7).


To download recordings follow the below steps:

Step 1: Select a video window that has enabled recording, and click  the download button in the playback control area. A dialog box is displayed, as shown in the following picture:

vms pro dowload icon

vms pro dowload record file

Step 2: Select the recording you want to download and specify the storage path.

Step 3: Click download.

How to configure Camius NVR using a web browser?

To quickly find the Camius DVR (digital video recorder) or NVR (network video recorder) IP address, visit to download and install the Camius Device Config Tool.

Camius nvr dvr ip camera device config tool - search tool

Web browser access

Click on the Camius NVR or DVR's local IP or type it into your browser's address bar. The latest Camius surveillance security camera recorders work with multiple web browsers, including Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, and Safari, and include the following models:

  • IPVAULT8256R

Camius browser

Use your admin username and DVR or NVR password to log in. Your recorder's Configuration is under Remote Settings.

Camius NVR remote settings web

You can check the ‘Web Compatibility Mode‘ in the Camius NVR/DVR and even IP camera settings (this can be done from the Camius recorder's local user interface (Via HDMI/VGA) and in the web browser viewer.

The below picture is based on the IPVAULT1128PR's web browser view

1128PR and Spot828A RB network web compatibilaty

Accessing web client through VMS software

For certain Camius DVRs, NVRs, and IP camera models, we recommend installing the VMS Software on your Windows or Mac computer to access the device's remote settings since the VMS software has a built-in web client using the P2P ID. Here is the link to the guide on how to add the device to the VMS software. This applies to Camius IPVAULT2320P16N, SCOUT20PTZ, GUARDMA

Screen Shot 2023 10 04 at 11.59.40 AM


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